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What's with the Fruit?

Though the base of our glacial facial mineral mud mask is the Alaskan Glacial mud, we found the need to add to its amazingly comprehensive list of benefits with just a few botanical elements because they have been shown to be equally amazing in their qualities. Adding organic cranberries and blueberries to our ingredients just [...]

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Why We Exclude Phthalates From Our Mineral Mud Masks

They're what makes that ketchup bottle squeezable, your lotion easily spreadable and keeps your shower curtain easily movable. They're literally everywhere we go and in almost every product we use. From the home to the office and everywhere in between, phthalates have become ubiquitous to modern daily living. Every year we produce about a billion [...]

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10 Benefits of Using Glacial Mud Masks

At Alaska Glacial Mud Co. we believe that our glacial mineral mud masks are naturally better than most masks available on the market today. We believe in this superiority, not only because of its effects on the skin, but also because of the secondary benefits that can be experienced by using our mineral mud masks. [...]

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Why the Mud on Your Face?

It's hardly a secret that we're completely on board with the belief that the use of mud on human skin is a good thing. We've built a business on the passion we feel about the benefits that mineral mud masks bring to those who indulge in them. But why? We know the many benefits that [...]

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