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Skin Care On A Tight Schedule

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Thank you for joining us once again on the Alaska Glacial Mud Company Blog. Welcome back to our blog on skin care and the Alaska Glacial Mud Company. We invite you to enjoy the detoxifying powers of our Glacial Facial Purifying Mineral Mud Masque, which is our flagship product. Our mineral mud mask removes the toxins that routinely harm your skin. Through exfoliation, our bodies can slough off the old, dead skin cells so the live cells underneath them can breathe easier. We started a blog review series to examine some of our most informative blog posts. Today, we are going to discuss some skin care tips to which many of us busy people can relate. The first blog post will discuss keeping your skin healthy on the go and the second article gives some great five minute skin care tips. We will post brief excerpts from these blog entries, but we also post a direct link to each of the blogs so you can read them in their entirety.


“No doubt you have some last minute travel plans this Summer – visiting family, taking a road trip or flying to an exotic destination!!! So how do you look fabulous despite the travel stresses….?

Aqua, H2O, Agua…

Whatever the language, wherever you are - water is a key element your body needs to look healthy and happy.You can also mist yourself with cold water which cools you down but shrinks your pores which keeps the dust and grime out.”

To read more tips on how to keep your skin healthy on the go, click on the direct blog article link above.


“We all know that we should wash our faces daily, apply SPF each morning, exfoliate once a week … the list goes on and on. But for most of us, taking the time out of our schedules for a detailed skincare regimen can be a challenge. When you're in a bind, a quick five-minute fix can do you, your skin and your schedule a world of good.”

Click on the blog link above to continue reading and find out Lauren’s five best quick skin care tips.

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