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You Will Love Our Mineral Mud Mask and Botanicals

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Welcome back to the Alaska Glacial Mud Company Blog, and thank you for checking back in on the latest news skin care techniques and the Alaska Glacial Mud Company. If you have yet to experience the detoxifying powers of our mineral mud mask, Glacial Facial Purifying Mineral Mud Masque, please read on. This deep mineral mask cleanses your skin by removing the toxins that can harm your skin. Your body gets rid of dead skin cells through exfoliation. Our mud mask enhances exfoliation by easily removing that top layer of dead skin cells so the live cells underneath can breathe easier. With our vast amount of published content on proper skin care and the multitude of benefits to using a deep mineral mask on your skin, we started a blog review series to examine some of our favorite informative blog posts. For today’s topic, we are going to examine the benefits of mud masks. As a part of this blog review series, we are posting brief excerpts from a couple of blog entries that discuss characteristics of botanicals and mud masks. Knowing that you may want to read beyond the brief excerpt, we are also posting a direct link to each blog article so you can read them in their entirety, if you so desire.


“Created thousands of years ago by our ancestors, botanical extracts are still a preferred medicinal preparation today. Among the advantages of herbal extracts is their capacity to preserve the active constituents in plants, their long shelf life and almost immediate effects.

To continue reading about botanical extracts, click the direct link above.”


“Alaska Glacial Mud Co. was founded on knowledge that is not new. Alaskan’s have been bathing in the glacial mineral mud and its buttery texture for years.”

To continue reading about the many benefits to using a mineral mud mask, click the link above. 

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