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Mineral Mud: 3 Summer Skin Care Myths Debunked

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There are certain rumors about skin care that sound so logical, people assume they must be true. Here at Alaska Glacial, your source for the purest mineral mud masks and exfoliators, we feel like we've heard it all! Unfortunately, sometimes the right answer is the one that combats common sense! Here are five of the most common myths about summer skin care we have recently heard:

  • SPF 100 means 100% protection. False! An SPF of 100 means that the sunscreen blocks 99.0% of UV rays. And yes, that means an SPF of 200 is not only possible, but also would theoretically only block 99.5% of UV rays. That means that SPF 30 allows 1/30 UVB rays, or 3.3% through, blocking about 96.6% of UVB rays, and SPF 50 allows 1/50 UVB rays, or 2.0% through, blocking about 98.0% of UVB rays.
  • A base tan protects you from future sun damage. Yes, it is true that darker-skinned women naturally have a slight SPF built-in to their skin. However! women who are lighter-skinned should not get a “base tan” to prevent future damage. For one, you will incur free radical and structural damage while trying to achieve the build-up of melanin that yields the bit of sun protection. And two, let’s not forget that everyone — of all skin tones — still needs sun protection.
  • Self-tanner saves you from free radical damage. Yes and no on this one. Yes, there is nothing proven to naturally age your skin faster that UV light, which does pretty much everything from depleting collagen levels to inducing free radical production at monstrous levels. And if you use self-tanner and stay out of the sun as a result, then you are saving your skin. However, if you use self-tanner and then go out into the sun, you could be causing more damage.
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