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Mineral Mud Masks: Why It Pays To Go Organic

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As many people turn to organic alternatives for their food and household cleaning items, they are discovering that there are more things that they can do to enhance green living. It's no wonder that organic skin care products and organic make-up are increasing in popularity as well. Here at Alaska Glacial Mud Co, we are so excited that more and more people are discovering our organic deep mineral masks and mineral mud masks.

When you consider that government regulations allow virtually any ingredient to be used in the manufacture of products we use on our skin, hair, and nails on a daily basis, it only makes sense to go organic.

Some of the harmful ingredients that are used frequently in manufacturing the most common non-organic skin care and make-up items include:

  • Mercury
  • Dioxane
  • Nitrosamines
  • DEA
  • Cyclomethicone
  • Ammonium Laureth Sulfate
  • Alcohol, Isopropyl (SD-40)
  • Polyethylene Glycol
  • Polyethylene eth-

Most of these compounds are absorbed easily by the skin, yet the body has no way of ridding itself of them. The toxins remain in your intestine and eventually get spread through the body and can damage organs throughout your body!

If you want to protect your body from the harmful ingredients that are used in most commercial brands, you should check out organic skin care products and organic make-up for Alaska Glacial Mud Co. We are all concerned about our health and well being, which means that it is important that we are proactive in choosing products that are good for us. 

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