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Skin Care Ingredients To Watch Out For

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When it comes to your skin, you want to use only the best and healthiest of products. Because skin care products are somewhat pricey, it’s only fair that you’re doing your wallet and skin justice when using skin care products. While many products will advertise themselves as organic, all natural or safe, they often have harmful chemicals within them that can be more harmful to your skin than helpful. Here is a list of ingredients you should keep an eye out for when shopping for skin care products.

  1. 1-4 Dioxane - This is a chemical that has been linked to cancer, and can be found in products that foam. Not only is the chemical itself harmful to your health, but foamy products tend to dry out your skin and leave residue behind.
  2. Benzophenone - This chemical is found in lip balm, sunscreen, moisturizers and foundation. It is known to cause cancer and endocrine disruption.
  3. Hydroquinone - You can find this chemical in facial cleansers, as well as moisturizers. It’s a chemical known for causing cancer, respiratory tract infection, and a variety of other issues as well.
  4. Octinoxate - When shopping for skin creams and sunscreen, check the label to make sure that this cancer causing chemical is not in the products you’re buying. It can also lead to endocrine disruption, as well as reproductive health issues.
  5. Polyacrylamide - When shopping for facial moisturizers, anti-aging creams or lotions, check the label for this chemical. It can break down into acrylamide, which is a carcinogen that causes cancer.
  6. Parabens - You can find parabens in many facial scrubs and cleansers. They are known to cause cancer along with endocrine disruption and developmental issues as well. Look for paraben-free products to avoid these problems.
  7. Quaternium-15 - This chemical is a known skin toxicant and allergen that can cause skin irritation. Avoid quaternary ammonium when looking at the labels.
  8. Retinol - You will find this chemical in anti-aging creams and skin creams. It can cause cancer, as well as developmental issues. Avoid products with high doses of retinol.
  9. Talc - You can find this chemical in foundations and facemasks, as well as many other products. It is known to cause cancer and irritation, and should be avoided as much as possible.
  10. Triclosan - This chemical is found in skin creams and many other products, and is known to cause endocrine disruption and environmental toxicity. Look for triclosan or triclocarban on labels so you can avoid those products.

One interesting aspect to all the chemicals on this list is that in Europe and Canada, they are either banned, or their use of these chemicals in products is severely limited, while in the U.S., there is little regulation. It’s important to protect yourself and your skin from these harmful chemicals by using natural skin care products. Try the best natural soaps for skin cleansing on your face, and try mineral soap for washing your body. Because of the chemicals that exist in many products, you must be diligent about what you use on your skin. Consider Glacial Mud Co. to find the best all natural skin care products around.

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