Alaska Botanicals

Like no other product on Earth. Our products offer tradition and innovation. We sustainably harvest raw ingredients and manufacture the highest quality natural skin care products that reveal the purity and essence of Alaska. We are committed to superior research and development that combines therapeutic glacial mud minerals and traditional botanical extracts on the skin.

Alaska Glacial Mud Co. is located in a slender strip of mountainous rainforest and wetlands along the Pacific Coast of Alaska that is part of the Cascadia bioregion extending from California to Alaska. This region has inspired the use of hardy Pacific Northwest (PNW) and Alaskan botanicals in our products. Due to the high latitude and shorter growing season, Arctic and sub-Arctic plants have adapted impressive phytonutrients to protect themselves from intense sunlight and freezing in sub-zero temperatures. These same plants provide potent nutrients and immunoprotective properties to protect and soothe skin.

Our products are enriched with plant-derived ingredients and we always source organic and wildcraft botanical extracts and steam-distilled essential oils where possible because we know good skin deserves good ingredients and because no man-made product can replicate nature.