Our products offer tradition and innovation. We sustainably harvest raw ingredients and manufacture the highest quality natural skin care products that reveal the purity and essence of Alaska. Products are expertly formulated with mineral-rich Alaska glacier water and include premium cutting-edge non-toxic functional anti-aging, brightening and anti-wrinkle ingredients combined with wild botanicals from Alaska including sustainably sourced blueberries, lingonberries, lupine seed oil and chaga mushroom. These products are supercharged to leave skin your skin cleansed, primed, toned, nourished and moisturized for your next adventure.


Alaska is an incredible place chock full of passionate innovation and rugged wilderness. Our salty stories under summer’s midnight sun and winter’s snowy mountainous grasp are the envy of adventurers, writers and some of the hardest working individuals in the world. Alaska Glacial products reflect the innovation, discovery and purity that is a symbol of our great state. Each of our products embodies hand-harvested botanicals from the wilds of Alaska and glacial minerals that have been in Mother Nature’s factory for over 10,000 years. 

glacial lake and mountains


The Made in Alaska (MIA) program’s mission is to identify and promote products made, manufactured, or handcrafted in the state of Alaska. Products which meet the programs 51 percent or more produced in Alaska criteria are eligible to use the MIA logo. Permits authorizing the use of the MIA logo serve both producers and consumers by certifying product authenticity. When purchasing products in Alaska, look for the mother bear and her cub logo signifying the product was manufactured in Alaska. Alaska Glacial’s natural skin care products are made with wildcrafted Alaskan ingredients, manufactured in Cordova, Alaska and and are certified Made in Alaska.



While most water-based personal care products are made with ground water that has gone through an energy intensive purification process of removing toxins. our products are made with Alaska glacier water. Conventional water purification methods strip water of its structure and mineral content, causing it to become acidic, mineral void, and bio-chemically aggressive. The water is left empty and seeks to extract minerals and re-balance itself from whatever living system it occupies, including our skin.

Alaska glacier water is naturally free of chemical toxins and manmade substances and contains a unique profile of minerals and other trace elements provided by Mother Nature, along with ideal measures of total dissolved solids, alkalinity and dissolved oxygen. This natural balance is the foundation for all animals and humans to thrive.

Glaciers are formed by compressed and recrystallized snow. Unlike biochemically treated distilled or purified water, Alaska glacier water’s physical hexagon structure is uninterrupted. It is naturally alkaline and full of minerals, ions and trace elements with strong molecular coherence. Glacial water is uniquely suited to help nutrients transfer on a cellular level – the hexagonal structure of glacial water mimics skin cells and its active polarizing molecules archive and transfer information (including light and sound) that allows ingredients to penetrate skin and resonate with energetic vibrations of cells to boost skin hydration and vitality.



Alaska Glacial Essentials Skincare is located in a slender strip of mountainous rainforest and wetlands along the Pacific Coast of Alaska that is part of the rainforest extending from California to Alaska. This region has inspired the use of hardy Pacific Northwest and Alaskan botanicals in our products. Due to the high latitude and shorter growing season, arctic and sub-arctic plants have adapted impressive phytonutrients to protect themselves from intense sunlight and freezing in sub-zero temperatures. These same plants provide potent nutrients and immunoprotective properties to protect and soothe skin.  We sustainably harvest and source horsetail, nettle, blueberry, chaga mushroom, yarrow and kelp extracts, as well as lingonberry and lupine seed oils.

wild blueberries