Our wildly potent skincare offers effective solutions Powered by Mother Nature for achieving healthy skin and combating signs of aging. We believe in carving time for simple self care that makes us feel good about our choices and deepen our connection to the natural world.


Ethical, luxurious, results-driven.

We combine the most wildly potent botanicals including blueberries, lingonberries, chaga mushroom and lupine seed oil with glacial minerals from Alaska and premium functional ingredients like squalane, resveratrol and hyaluronic acids to heal, protect and defend skin for life.

Our products are expertly formulated in a collaboration with Korean-Alaskan Charlie Kim, Founder of Alaska Dream Co., who has dedicated himself for over a decade to the task of incorporating Alaska plants and glacial minerals into powerful K-beauty delivery systems backed by research at the largest cosmetic research lab dedicated to skincare solutions at Daegu University in South Korea. The result… we call it AK-beauty!


Heal, protect and defend both your skin and Earth’s skin.

We are purpose-driven by a company ethos to protect and defend your skin and our precious planet Earth.  We believe in harmonizing commerce with social and environmental impact for the greater good. For Alaska Glacial, there is a deep spiritual connection between life in Alaska and the bounty of our rich resources.

We also aim to heal, protect and defend Earth’s skin by giving back 10% of net profits to organizations that love, work and fight for wild salmon wilderness preservation, habitat restoration, watershed education and sustainable community development in Alaska, particularly the majestic and highly productive ecosystem of the Copper River.  Alaska Glacial has been a certified Bcorp since 2014 and also a member of 1% for the Planet.  Together we can raise the next generation of stewards and protect wild places and wild salmon in perpetuity.  You can read more about the organizations we support and our giving program here.


We believe in not just helping you with your skin, but also helping you alleviate stress on your wellness journey. Skin care is certainly about taking care of your body’s largest organ, but it is about taking care of yourself. Every moment you take care of yourself, you empower yourself to take care of others and the Earth. You feel better about yourself and you show up in your best self, with joy, for what matters most to you.


Skin care is self care.

We believe skin care is self care and that we can deepen our connection to the natural world on the journey to glowing skin. We hope our products help you tune out the chaos, carve time for a simple self care routine and maintain healthy skin while feeling good about your choices with clean ingredients and a purpose-driven company ethos. Every dollar you spend is a vote for the world you want.  We support your journey to transform into the most radiant version of yourself while also choosing products that reflect your values.


Remote, coastal, rugged, quaint and bustling.

Cordova, Alaska is an island on the mainland landlocked by majestic backdrops. We are surrounded by the Chugach mountains and magnificent glaciers to the north, the Copper River Delta to the east, Prince William Sound to the west and the expansive Gulf of Alaska. This slender strip of mountainous rainforest and wetlands provides us with healthful clean air, pure water and abundant resources.Our sustainable economy and subsistence lifestyle relies heavily on the fishing bounty of the Copper River, the Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska to support a rich cultural heritage and reverence for preserving healthy ecosystems.

Summer is a bustling fishing town.  Winter is a sleepy hamlet. Come for a visit and be prepared to tune out the chaos – we haven’t got any traffic lights, billboards, box stores or fast food!

Cordova, Alaska - aerial view