Giving Back 10%

Giving back to nature our most generous provider.

While the playful spa quality of the Copper River glacial mud may have inspired Alaska Glacial Mud Co., it was the river and its inhabitants that gave voice to the importance of sustainability and activism in our company philosophy. In addition to being purveyors of the finest mineral-rich Alaska Glacial Mud natural skin care products, we are also advocates for the Copper River Delta/Watershed and pledge 10% of our profits to local organizations that love, work and fight for its protection.  Due to a comprehensive social and environmental company ethos, Alaska Glacial Mud Co. received BCorp status by the BLab in 2014.


We believe in harmonizing commerce with the potential for social and environmental impact. The Copper River Delta is the northernmost portion of the Pacific temperate rainforest that spans from California to Alaska. The Copper River Delta is the largest contiguous wetland on the Pacific coast of North America and is considered one of the most important fisheries and wildlife habitats in the world. The Copper River Delta is home to all five species of Pacific wild salmon, bears, wolves, nesting eagles, trumpeter swans, moose, countless other mammals and millions of migratory shorebirds. The Delta is almost completely contained in the Chugach National Forest. While the Copper River Delta is successfully managed by the Chugach National Forest for conservation of fish and wildlife habitat- for commercial, recreational and subsistence purposes- it is not permanently protected. The Copper River Watershed lacks a comprehensive management plan that would protect it from unsustainable development that has jeopardized many rivers in the Pacific Northwest. The importance of protecting this highly productive ecosystem is apparent.

Alaska Glacial Mud Co. is proud to contribute 10% of all profits (or 2% of total revenue, whichever is greater) to local organizations that love, work and fight for wild salmon wilderness preservation, habitat restoration, watershed education and sustainable community development. We’d like to thank the following organizations and individuals whose work to raise awareness and preserve habitat ensures the long-term sustainability of this impressive place we call home.


Click on the name to learn more about each organization (links open in new windows).


The Copper River Watershed Project builds partnerships for on-the-ground projects and watershed-scale planning for economically diverse communities and a thriving, intact watershed.


The Eyak Preservation Council works to protect the inherent rights of culture, heritage, language, and ancestral lands needed to preserve the Eyak Tribes’ continued existence as an independently recognized Alaska tribal nation.


The goals of Science of the Sound are: to provoke inquiry into the natural world, to increase science and ecological literacy, and to foster responsibility for the sound use of our natural resources. This program uses hands-on learning and outdoor education to inspire personal connections to the natural world and responsible decision making to sustain it.