Salmon Way of Life

At Alaska Glacial Mud Co. we highly prize our salmon way of life.

The glorious cycle of life offered by wild salmon defines our local culture and is the backbone of our community. We strive to honor and show gratitude for the magnificent gifts by protecting the Copper River Watershed through proceeds of our natural skin care product thus ensuring wild salmon’s survival for generations to come.

All five species of wild Pacific salmon are found in the Copper River Watershed and Prince William Sound. These include Chinook/King, Sockeye/Red, Coho/Silver, Chum/Keta, and Pink/Humpy salmon. Millions of salmon migrate up and down the Copper River and Bering Glacier river systems each year on their way from or returning to their natal spawning grounds.

The delicate balance and sustainability of this system is attributed to the purity and wildness of the region. The spawned out salmon provide nutrients to the animals and forest while the salmon themselves are sustained by clean water, unspoiled spawning habitat and a rich food chain in the Gulf of Alaska.